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Blood Beautiful

Blood Beautiful is an inspiration for a fulfilled life, an honored and loved lifestyle lived in harmony with our true home: the human body. This absolutely incredible and fascinating vessel that hosts our spirit, our emotions, our energy, our thoughts, deserves to be honored, cared for, and given the tools necessary for optimal functioning. Learning about this amazing gift is a fascinating journey and one that brings peace with the self and fosters the best form of health: preventive care. Lifestyle is a fact and it affects every area of life. The body is designed to heal itself. When we are open to listen to it and learn, providing it with comprehension and generosity, proper tools and skills, when treated with love, the results are astonishing!

I love this word, Holistic! It brings about a sensation of oneness.

Being whole, what does that mean? What is beauty? Why the blood?

The blood is the big connector of the whole in our bodies on a physical level. Each and every cell needs to be fed and cleansed every day. Cells feed on the extracellular water where they bathe and the ions that surround this water for optimal absorption of nutrients carried by the blood. The cells that constitute any living being continue to live in the same aquatic conditions as the primitive ones, adapting to maintain the temperature and saline concentration of the original marine environment, the primordial form of life. An optimally functioning vascular system is vital for these functions to take place, as well as the quality of the organic water for the hydromineral balance of our cells.

At a cellular level, we have those that repair our human vessel, they are called stem cells. Keeping these cells activated and producing new pluripotent stem cells (meaning they can specialize into any kind of cell in the human body and repair where it is needed) is made possible through phototherapy and heat activated by crystals applied onto the skin with a patch. One of the marvels of modern science!

Than comes nutrition. Eating foods that are whole, ingesting all the wonders from the Earth in its most natural state, and are in harmony with the blood type is a true balm for our soul when we can actually absorb them. Nurturing cells with plenty of blood at a capillary level, soothing and helping the heart, nurturing our cells to homeostasis makes a happy, healthy body AND human being, in addition to the many other functions carried by the holistic field through the lens of a beautiful blood.

That’s what we do at Blood Beautiful. We love the body to its core!


Sati Cabral

I am a life-long learner. I keep an open mind and remain curious.

My journey with health and nutrition started very young with my love for dance and movement and a keen sense of connection to the natural world and its relationship specifically to how I nurture my body. Discovering the connection between nutrition and blood type healed me from a chronic skin condition gaining my devotion and trust over the years.

I decided to work with blood because this is the cornerstone of health. When we comprehend how it functions and honor it, life changes for good! There is a need to relearn what health is and to reconnect with ourselves as human beings and the collective that we share.

Life is full of adventure! Having a healthy body allows for enjoyment. Health is THE MOST important asset.

I feel a deep compassion for humans. Nature is so abundant and there’s much to receive. When I see people suffering, my first impulse is wanting to help them. Modern science combined with ancient wisdom is absolutely fascinating and miraculous! Our bodies are capable of phenomenal healing.

I want to sow happiness and hope, unconditional love and holistic living. I care for my fellow neighbor and I love you as I love myself. All this marvelous wisdom is God’s creation. It is my humble duty to share the goodness that has come to me. It is my responsibility to pass it along for us, our children, and our children’s children, contributing to us all living a happier, healthier life.