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Antigymnastique® and The Blood Pathways

Muscle tension causes constriction of blood vessels.

By releasing the muscles, the blood pathways are freed, allowing for proper flow and nourishment.

Blood pathways and neural networks are intricately connected, running deeply inside the organism before surfacing to the outer layers of the skin, being directly effected by muscle tension. Muscle release has a simultaneous beneficial effect on both. It is worth to mention that the Back Muscle Chain is interconnected, so working in one part of the body has an effect on the whole, and a muscle can only contract if it can release. Sometimes they become so tight they can not release or contract anymore, stiff as a rock.

Physiology changes over time, with patience, dedication, acceptance, perseverance, and proper care. The body is incredible and composed of complex intricate systems working together. It hosts our soul, and it has mysterious ways of dealing with itself unaware to us. It possesses innate intelligence and it performs numerous functions autonomously, including blood flow regulation.

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