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Holistic Blood Nutrition (1)

Holistic Blood Nutrition

Holistic Blood Nutrition means being nourished by whole foods aiming at getting all of our nourishment from them while being mindful of how our blood receives and acknowledges these foods and how that affects our overall wellness.

Nourishing the body through the blood brings depth to the holistic approach in a sense to live in harmony with the self. Comprehending the internal food processing of what we eat, and its relationship to the blood is a true blessing. The blood is the receptor, the carrier, the connector, and the far-reaching nourisher that touches the depths of our microscopic selves.

From O to A to B to AB, the chronological and connected human evolution with blood adaptations over the ages reflects the individual within the whole while remaining one and connected. Nature expresses itself in the beauty of creativity honoring the Creator.

Our connection to Earth is profound. Feeding ourselves consciously and intentionally in synchronicity with our blood maximizing the synergy contained in whole foods brings wisdom and oneness, benefiting our entire being.

Learning to be a skillful eater takes time, dedication and patience. It is worth the challenge to know thyself.

The subtleties are real and the lifestyle benefits are many.

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