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Marine Therapy – Plasma de Quinton®

Seawater Hydromineral Therapy rebuilds damaged cells + replenishes mineral deficiency.

“Marine Therapy is a technique of cellular nutrition assessed by over 100 years of clinical use.

The therapeutical possibilities of seawater are indispensable for life development. The quality of the organic water is essential for the maintenance of the hydromineral balance of our cells. They feed on the extracellular water and the ions that surround this water. A bioavailability of the ions marks the difference between an immediate and natural absorption versus harmful absorptions that may produce metabolic disturbances and intoxication.

Our organism is a true marine aquarium that lives, and we have to renew it.

René Quinton was a remarkable man. Philosopher, Tenent-Colonel during the war and mecenas of aviation, being a precursor of such in France, he was a physiologist and biologist.

“Homeostasis directly depends on the quality of the internal medium”, defined by Claudé Bernard.

René Quinton demonstrated that cellular life is born in Ocean Water, which positions it at the basis of all the supports of the totality of our vital physiological mechanisms.”

Extracted and translated from Comunicación y Nutrición cellular, Terapia Marina, Quinton® Original, 1897 – Documento Informativo Para Médicos. Laboratoires Quinton, S.L.

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