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ABO Holistic Nutrition

Customized Planning and Counseling Services.

Add-ons include cooking techniques, grocery store tour, family planning, etc.

Our ABO Holistic Nutrition services aim to be a supportive approach to the body’s physiology, promoting overall balance for the individual based upon holistic principles and his/her blood type. 

Sessions start at $90.00 an hour.

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BEMER® Independent Distributor

Blood Flow is called the “river of life”. Each BEMER® 8 min session increases the oxygen in the blood by 29%. It is designed to be used twice a day for optimal results. 

Our circulatory system connects our entire organism. The blood carries the nutrients in and waste out of the cells, this healthy exchange happens in the micro vessels. Proper blood flow and nutrients absorption are key to a healthy body. 

Individual Sessions or Session Packages available. 

Discover how optimal blood flow can contribute to your best health. 

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Original Quinton®

Original Quinton®, also known as Plasma de Quinton®, restores mineral balance by the means of seawater. Quinton® has a similar chemical composition to blood plasma. It hydrates, replenishes and revitalizes the body and mind. Since 1897, Plasma de Quinton® has been used to help people regain their health and achieve homeostasis.

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X39 Patches

LifeWave Independent Distributor.

Regenerative Science, X39 patches use light to elevate the GHK- Copper Peptide that signals the activation of pluripotent stem cells. They are the building blocks of our organs, tissues, blood, and immunity and act as our repair system. X39 patches are non-invasive, non-transdermal, safe, and cost-effective.

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