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ABO Holistic Nutrition

Customized Planning and Counseling Services. 

Add-ons include cooking techniques, grocery store tour, family planning, etc. Introduction to Ayurveda.

ABO are the different types of blood groups which are the basis to determine the appropriate individual diet.

Our services aim to be a supportive approach to the body’s physiology, promoting overall balance for the individual based upon holistic principles and his/her blood type. 

Sessions start at $90.00 an hour.

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Antigym® is a holistic method of self-care. Sessions are in small classes and consist of slow movements and profound breaths. It lengthens the muscles and has profound effects on the autonomic nervous system. 

Group Session, $27.00 per person.

Individual Session, $63.00.

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Wellness Day

A Wellness Day is a day for you to come and experience Blood Beautiful for yourself. You get to try all the services and products that we offer. The flow of the day goes like this:

Come experience a day of mineralization, blood flow boost, regeneration, muscles release, and an Ayurvedic meal.

Good for all blood types.

Average event duration is 4hrs.

Group Event, $108.00 per person. Maximum 9 people. 

Stem Cell Activation

Life Wave Independent Distributor.

Regenerative Science, X39 patches use light to elevate a the GHK- Copper Peptide that signals the activation of pluripotent stem cells. They are the building blocks of our organs, tissues, blood, and immunity and act as our repair system. X39 patches are non-invasive, non-transdermal, safe, and cost-effective.

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