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The Story of the Blood: Blood Beautiful

Following the history of human existence, at the beginning we were hunter gatherers and we would walk or run several hours a day with direct foot contact with the earth.

Nowadays, we barely exercise and our circulatory system is not getting what it needs to function properly. We’ve become disconnected from the earth and that causes dysfunctionality.

People have forgotten what it is to be healthy. Sick has become the norm and we’ve lost our way. 

Blood is the cornerstone of health.

You can be eating and doing all the right things, if the circulatory system is compromised (blood is toxic and not flowing properly) – you’re wasting your time and money. In time the capillaries get clogged and the body struggles to merely function. If blood does not get to capillaries because of stagnation your body will only absorb 25% of the nutrition it takes in. The accumulation of toxic food, water, air and, yes, our thoughts creates an environment of dis-ease.   

When a body is toxic the cell membrane starts to harden. Then nothing goes in and nothing goes out of the cell. When the mitochondrion doesn’t get enough oxygen, there is disease. The law of momentum takes effect. 

The idea of thriving takes a back seat to survival. 

There is a way out.

The common denominator in all systems of the body is the circulation system –  IT IS THE BLOOD. The circulatory system runs through all of them. 

If given the right circumstances the body will heal itself. 

By creating the optimum environment for detoxification the body is capable of miraculous things. There are rehab tools at our disposal to live better. 

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